Biotectónica + Ciencia PR

Since 2012, Biotectonica is a Research & Design Studio at the School of Architecture of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico that aims to foster the scientific domain for the creation of art, the process of design and the adaptability of architecture. In alliance with CienciaPR, Biotectonica seeks to highlight and support outstanding architects, scientists and thinkers that promote interdisciplinary exchanges in science, technology, design and art for innovate applications. It aims to serve as a bridge of information, methods, and technology to foster a novel profile for emerging architectural scientists.


Articles (In process)

Flipboard Magazine:

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“Science from a Design Studio”
Article written by Wilfredo Mendez and Edlyn García about Biotectónica R&D published in:

“Sustainable Urbanism and Biomimicry”

Corriente Verte 2015 (In Process)


“The Skin as an Organ: Biomimetic Influences in the Passive Strategies of Bioclimatic Architecture”    Article from my master’s thesis published in the journal: Ambitat 2012 in madrid, Spain.


Innovation Inspired by Nature

Magistral Conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

CODIA Annual Convention 2014

Biological Influences in the Technosphere

Green Drinks Puerto Rico 2015